The Atlantic Coast from Ericeira to Peniche!

We had to find a place to alternate between the beautiful coast of Portugal and colourful villages, which is what the beautiful village of Ericeira brought us. It was the first in Europe to obtain the label :  Mondial Surf 2011. It's the best place to be relax.

What to do in Ericeira

After our visit ofAzenhas do mar and Cabo da Roca On the road we stopped in Ericeira, 35 km from Lisbon in the region of Mafra and its beautiful Palacio de Mafra 13 minutes away. But what to do or see in Ericeira ? We detail everything here: 

- Surfing or lounging on the many beaches of Ericeira

It is THE place to practice surfing but when we talk about place we should say THE surf spots as they are so numerous to the point of being the only surf reserve in Europe.

Each surfing spot has its own typology, some of which are more for professionals than for beginners. The coastline stretches 8 kilometres from Cabo da Roca to Cabo Carvoiero. The most important beach is : Praia Ribeira d’Ilhass.

- Visit the alleys of the village of Ericeira

Once parked on the big square near the white church: "Capela de Santa Marta"Get lost in the city and watch every white house with the borders painted blue or yellow... in particular the "Biblioteca Municipal da Ericeira – Casa de Cultura Jaime Lobo e Silva"and beautiful houses like the guesthouses see here in the street "Tv. do Honrado" with everything around as well as nice hippy chic shops in the centre: clothes, souvenirs, surfing accessories.

plage au centre de Ericeira au Portugal avec un canon
Capela-de-Santa-Marta à Ericeira au Portugal église chapelle bleue et blanche
Maison-bleu et-blanche-Ericeira chambre d'hôtes location de vacances
bibliothèque à Ericeira au Portugal bâtiment bleu et blanc

In the vicinity of Ericeira

We take the road northwards with beautiful landscapes. We couldn't help but stop at the biggest surfing beach: Praia Ribeira d’Ilhass 

It is here that the biggest surfing competitions take place from the road you can see it with the statue of the surfer. A long staircase leads to the beach below to reach the peak of the waves.

plage Ribera d'illas pour le surf au Portugal

Another beach that is worth the detour with its large parking lot is : Praia dos Coxos where we could admire it from the air in a drone and see the colour of the sea of undeniable beauty. To swim in it, however, it is better to be vigilant because the current is frequent as it often is in Portugal. 

plage dos coxos au Portugal avec une falaise

We continue on our way to the beach Praia do Santa Cruz . From the waterfront you can see a large and beautiful elephant-shaped rock here it's a more family oriented beach.

Plage avec un gros rocher à Praia-Santa-Cruz au Portugal
Ermida de Santa Helena à Santa-Cruz-Portugal lieu de culte chapelle
plage de surfeurs Santa Cruz au Portugal
plage Formosa au Portugal avec un gros rocher

Peniche : from surfing to authenticity

A little further up we spent two days in Peniche the opportunity to share with you all that you will be able to do in this seaside destination which has a lot of attractions. What to see, what to do in Peniche? We tell you everything:

1. La pointe de Cabo Carvoeiro

It is here after Cabo da Roca that you will find the westernmost point of Portugal that you are advised to see 2 hours before sunset : Cabo Carvoeiro. A lighthouse has been there since 1790 to help the navigators but the strong point of this place is undoubtedly its limestone pile the Nau dos Corvos . A detached piece is as if suspended in the middle of the ocean, it serves as a nesting place for birds.  In the distance you can see the Berlengas archipelago.

Cabo-carvoeiro rocher à la pointe de Peniche au Portugal le point le plus à l'ouest de l'Europe
Cabo Carvoeiro Peniche

2. The Berlengas Archipelago

If you really have the time, plan an unusual day in the Berlengas archipelago. A beautiful place only 10km by ferry from Peniche, 40 minutes by boat, sometimes eventful.

The place being preserved you have to book your coming for example on this website count 20€ round trip, 12€ for children. The island of Berlanga is small, 1500m long and 800m wide, but several mazes of paths allow you to discover this island. But honestly we come here to admire the seabed still preserved simply with a snorkel. You can also see several caves and make some excursions.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in Peniche you can opt for an unusual night in the island's monastery and sleep inside the Sao Joao Baptista Fort.

archipel des Berlengas à Peniche au Portugal

3. The port of Peniche and its fortress

We must not forget the heart of Peniche is a city turned towards the ocean and therefore towards fishing. We were surprised by the smell of fish but we must respect the activity of the Peniche port.  Great fortresses are erected all around making Peniche a forteresse since the 17th century before becoming a national monument since 1938.

Let's take the opportunity to visit the fortress which still played a military role until the end of the 19th century. You can climb on the roof and visit the museum inside from 10 am to 6 pm closed on Monday and Tuesday.

la forteresse de Peniche au Portugal en bord de mer
un pont jaune à la forteresse de Peniche avec des remparts au Portugal

4. Surf Beach: Supertubos

It's one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. With a shallow seabed, the north wind and currents form ideal waves for surfing and bodyboarding. It is here that the Rip Curl Pro Championship is held in October.

5. Baleal Island

To the north of Peniche, you will find the village of Baleal which lived formerly whaling and who kept the name. Enclosed between two bays: Praia do Baleal Sul and Praia do Balea Norte you can swim in the calmer bay when the other is disturbed by the waves.

The white sandy beach gives the water an air of paradise. It's easy to understand why many surf and bodyboard schools have set up shop here.

plage baleal island à Peniche au Portugal falaises striées
baleal island à Peniche au Portugal plage de surf

Where to sleep in Peniche

Peniche can quickly become a puzzle to find accommodation especially during sporting events or during the summer. We enjoyed our night in Peniche in this 4 star hotel : MH Peniche very well located with all the comforts.

Don't lose our info pinned now.

épingle Pinterest de Surf à Ericeira et Peniche au Portugal road-trip
photo couple photographe

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 We take time for details and authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.

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