The authors of the travel blog called Folk-Travel

Who's behind this blog? Who are Florence and Xavier? Here we unveil a little bit about us. If you're curious then read all the way through. Here we go!


Hi Guys! We are Florence and Xavier

⛰️ Globetrotters and landscape photographer. We had a passion in common when we met, that of great landscapes.  It was enough for us to travel all over the world in search of the most beautiful photogenic spots. We take time for details, authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.

The beginnings of the blog

The world of the Internet is, in our opinion, above all about knowledge and sharing. We couldn't browse such beautiful places without showing our pictures. That's what we have first and foremost on our respective Instagram accounts. @flography33 and @xavierdigitalnomad

The growing success we needed more than to enrich our photos with text, that's when our Folk-Travel site was born.

Why the name Folk-Travel

Of course the word Travel in English means travel. But then why Folk? Simply because we want to focus our blog with information for everyone! No, our blog is not a guide that will tell the story about monuments, ancestors. 
Instead, we unveil our beautiful and picturesque places, the good addresses tested by us. 

Our core: to live the journey, to make it popular and open to all!
 Folk-Travel is the popular trip.

Snapshot the present moment

On our site 99% of the photos are made by us, you can see them in each of our articles. We take care of the framing, we are inspired by the beauty of the place to transmit them to you as if you were there!

Our colorimetry wants to be the most representative of the places to bring out the emotion that we had at the time of the triggering.


📸 Notre matériel photos

Having state-of-the-art cameras is often not enough to make beautiful pictures, but it is necessary to master the essentials. Here is our photo equipment first of all that of Florence one sony A7II which is a hybrid full-format camera ideal for travel.
Especially with the stunning lens the Tamron 28-75 2.8 a constant light lens at all focal lengths! This makes it a duo allowing to take 80% of the pictures.
For photos in the city, or landscapes that need to be taken quickly it captures the moment with theiphone 11 pro of outstanding quality.

Now let's move on to the photo bag of Xavier : on the camera side, the hybrid XT-1 Fuji APS-H does its day job well coupled with the 16-55mn lens. Street photos or short videos are taken with the iphone 11 pro max. But Xavier focuses more on bird's-eye views with the drone. After getting his hands on the dji Spark, and the Mavic Air it now operates with the Mavic 2 Pro which promises breathtaking new aerial photos.

timbre voyage tampon poste avion

Our way of travelling

We love adventure and especially not waking up every morning and finding ourselves in the same place for several days. That's why our trips are essentially road-trips.

We sometimes book more than 10 accommodations per trip. On the budget side, we bet on moderate rates to keep a pleasant comfort and be in shape the next day to explore the most beautiful landscapes.

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