Our Travel Guide to Portugal

Before we left, we were wondering what to do or see in Portugalwe thought this destination was too touristy with cliffside residences. To our great surprise we found a landscape that represents us and our blog Folk-Travel a relaxed and wild atmosphere still preserved. Follow us for the visit:

What to see in Portugal

Portugal is the ideal place to combine white sandy beaches, cities, exceptional architecture and its generous gastronomy especially with its developed wine region. But above all Portugal est également l’une des destinations parmi les moins onéreuses ! Lisbon, the capital has become the ideal place for digital nomads and it is not by chance: climate, attractions, prices ...

When to go to Portugal

If you want to enjoy a temperate climate without being too hot or too cold then the best time to go to Portugal is in spring or autumn. Indeed, it is during the spring (March to June), i.e. the fall (September to mid-October)when there are fewer tourists than the prices are rather low and the temperatures are ideal. 

While summer is the high season as it is here, prices skyrocket by more than 40% and the streets, beaches and historical sites are very busy.

In November, the rain makes its appearance but many tourist sites are either closed or have restricted hours.  But you can visit Lisbon during the festive season and discover the beautiful decorations and Christmas markets.

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