Fuerteventura - an island with a lunar landscape

After a week on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, see our road-trip in Lanzarote Here, we had decided to change island for its sister island Fuerteventura very different by its colors, its dunes and fine white sand just in front of the Sahara.

We took the ferry from the south of the island of Lanzarote Playa Blanca to reach the island of Fuerteventura.

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How to reach Fuerteventura from Lanzarote

Ferry crossing from Playa Blanca

Through three ferry companies, Naviera Armas, Lines Romero and Fred Olsen that make regular rotations in less than 40 minutes.

We advise you to leave your hired car in Playa Blanca, we have chosen the rental agency Cicar, we detail here the car rentals in Spain and how to avoid scams .
Then we rented another car in Corralejo. It is useless to make the crossing with the rented car, the extra cost is important.

So the ferry will cost you per person 17.50 euros one way without vehicle with the company Lineas Maritimas Romerois the one we chose.

You can also fly to Fuerteventura but the islands are too close and this is not good for the price and time lost. Nevertheless flying with Binter or CanaryFly is useful if you want to visit a more distant island like La Palma or Tenerife.

le port et le ferry de Corralejo à Fuerteventura
The port of Corralejo with Lanzarote in the background

Car Hire in Fuerteventura

Whether you are looking for a car hire in Tenerife, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura, we recommend that you rent with a local agency that has experience in the country. This way you will avoid the scams of some car rental companies. For a safe and stress-free value, we recommend the Cicar agency, rent a city car with unlimited mileage and all-risk insurance for only 99 euros per week, i.e. 14€/day in May for example.

Although insurance is included, like all renters on the island you cannot take unpaved trails. In case of breakdown, towing costs will be at your charge! It can even happen that some locals will report you to the rental agency...

If, like us, you wish to make several islands, it is better to return the car in the same country as when you left than to keep the same vehicle and make the ferry crossing.

Notice that the roads in Fuerteventura as well as in Lanzarote are in a remarkable statethat it's fun to drive there. The scenery is breathtaking, never before have we had so much fun driving during our holiday without stress and toll fees.

About the gas prices in FuerteventuraFor the SP95 and LPG, count 0.90€ for SP95 and 0.52€ for LPG. We had an Opel Moka that could handle both petrol and LPG. We took the opportunity to be often with LPG and save money. To fill up with LPG, go to the only station that offers LPG, namely the Gasolinera Mederos Station Disa El Mattoral just below the airport.

The north of the island of Fuerteventura: the seaside resort of Corralejo

We are overwhelmed by the beauty of this place when arriving from the ferry you will see dunes and crystal clear water. The contrast is striking compared to its sister, the clear white sandy beaches a curaçao blue water Whoa, is this heaven here?

Car hire Cicar is located next to the landing stage but if you are staying several days in Corralejo you can walk to the city centre via the port, you will see colourful warehouses at the bar la Lonja and Resacca Fishing Charter . 

restaurant avec peinture de fond marin sur le port de Corralejo à Fuerteventura

The seaside resort of Corralejo

The city of Corralejo is very touristy, especially frequented by the British. Lots of restaurants and a festive atmosphere, if you want to rest don't sleep in the city centre.

If possible, avoid driving in the city centre by car, to park you will have to be very patient, idem to leave the car at the agency of the centre, prefer the agency of the landing stage.

Excursion: to Los LobosIf you stay several days in the north of the island it is the opportunity to go on an excursion to the island of Los Lobos: you must have a permit. Indeed, the island is protected by the tourist influx by limiting the number of travellers to 200 per day.
You can get the authorization at the same time as the boat excursion ticket through two companies: Ferry Lobos Express 13€ return and Minicrucero & Snorkel 21€ return (includes 25 mn of Snorkeling)

🏝️ Prendre le bateau et Top Excursions à faire à Fuerteventura : 

  •  Take the ferry to the island of Lobos
  • Watch dolphins and whales
  • Go on an excursion to the top of the Timanfaya volcano
  • Pirate boat ride on the island

🌸 Toutes les excursions à faire absolument sont regroupées ici

restaurant en bord de plage à Corralejo Fuerteventura
plage Clavellina à Corralejo à Fuerteventura
coucher de soleil sur le port de Corralejo à Fuerteventura

We advise you to have a drink at the atypical bar near the port of Corralejo: the Blanco Cafe. Their specialty? All kinds of cocktails in a reproduced cave, an exotic garden and atypical rooms .

blanco café corralejo fuerteventura

For dinner, we went to restaurant Boardriders Grill & barlocated in a cul-de-sac in the El Campanario mall. Cool surfing atmosphere, with singers. A good burger for Florence (9€), and Xavier had an Argentinean steak (15€), and for dessert a delicious Hot Chocolate Cake (6€)! 
It is also an opportunity to taste the typical coffee of the Canary Islands: an Barraquito coffee Liqueur 43 with condensed milk, lemon-cinnamon.

Hotel Boutique TAO Caleta Mar Corralejo

Towards the Dunes of Corralejo

Move away to the south of Corralejo, where the large sandy beaches make their appearance. These large expanses are ideal for resting, bathing, and seeing the dunes of Corralejo. We slept at the fabulous hotel Boutique Tao Caleta Mar, le petit déjeuner était le seul point faible. La route est fantastique longeant la côte avec la mer et les dunes de sable de l’autre côté s’étendant sur 8 km. Vous pouvez vous baigner tout le long il y a des monitored areas by lifeguards. The water temperature is rather pleasant and you are still protected from the wind unlike the West Coast.
Grandes Playas Corralejo Fuerteventura
poste de secours plage des dunes à Fuerteventura
plage grandes playas Corralejo Fuerteventura
vue aérienne de la plage des dunes de Corralejo à Fuerteventura

Towards the northwest coast between creeks and popcorn beaches

Let's go to the coast you will pass by Lajares a village for cool baba surfers to buy, get their boards repaired.

We've been driving along the coast since El Cotillo this former fishing village has become a place of accommodation for kitesurfers. A few colorful houses, restaurants but honestly we were disappointed by this place and we didn't linger there.

Further north we come to the lighthouse: Faro del Tostonand on his right the Marrajo cove and Los charcos beach forming small creeks. Here the wind is omnipresent, the island bears its name well, on the beach you can take shelter behind the volcanic rock and sunbathe. However in the water or on the beach many small plastic debris spoil this place.

The small bay of Playa El Majanicho is nice with some small fishing boats. The place is wild and perfect if you want to stroll on the sand in the calm sheltered from the wind.

Further north, we land on a beach full of popcorn... Playa del Bajo de la Bura as if Americans have spilled their cups after a movie. No, you're not dreaming the beach is a white that contrasts with the black sand of the beaches upstream. It's ancient burnt algae dating back to between 4000 years and 100,000 years that looks like popcorn.

It's fun to have them in your hand, but don't take them with you, already this is forbidden but you risk damaging its ecosystem.
To leave on the runway is winding and depending on the tide the road may be flooded (the road leading to the port of Corralejo), leave before it gets too dark.

phare del toston fuerteventura
Toston Lighthouse
vue aérienne de Caleta Marrajo Fuerteventura
Caleta Marrajo
Caleta Marrajo fuerteventura drone
Caleta Marrajo
plage popcorn Bajo de la Bura fuerteventura
Popcorn-shaped calcareous algae
sable en forme de popcorn à Playa del Bajo de la Bura Fuerteventura
Popcorn-shaped calcareous algae

Lajares and Calderon Hondo

Passing through La Oliva, make a pass to admire the Calderon Hondo, this volcano is impressive by its size.

You can hike or ride a camel even if we don't support it.

We took the opportunity to do a little drone flying and admire its crater.

vue aérienne du volcan Calderon Hondo à Fuerteventura
Volcan Calderon Hondo
Camels at the bottom of Calderon Hondo volcano

The centre of Fuerteventura

Puertito de los Molinos

The small village of El Puertito de los Molinos is authentic with a few houses. We went there to go to the Molinos Cave (Cueva) but as the tide wasn't low we couldn't admire the caves.
When you arrive at the car park, you will be surprised to see some ducks swimming in the Barranco de los Molinos river that flows into the ocean.

We had a drink at the restaurant to admire the view and breathe the sea air here where time seems to have stopped.

village de Puertito de los Molinos à Fuerteventura
vague eau vert Fuerteventura

Caleta de Fuste: Seaside resort

The seaside resort of Caleta de Fuste 13km from Puerto Rosario is not of great interest except to be a well-placed starting point for visiting different places on the island. It has no historic centre and is mainly frequented by the British with restaurants of all types.
If you're in a car, it will be difficult to park there. Long beaches line the seaside resort. 
For a quick bite to eat you can make a stop at the Spar supermarket with a bakery for a cheap lunch on the go.
You can head north, a beautiful hike along the coast with near the cliffs salt piles look like snow.

Salt that settles in the rocks.

The village of Pozo Negro: our little crush

This small village of Pozo Negro is charming with a few white houses right on the waterfront. This village gets its name from the black well created by the black lava flow that poured into the sea.

The road is arid and deserted but no less fascinating.

On the beach a few yellow-coloured boats contrast with the black pebbles.

barque jaune de pêcheur sur la plage à Fuerteventura
fleurs en bord de mer avec une barque de pecheur à Pozo Negro à Fuerteventura
bateau plage de pozo negro à Fuerteventura
un jardin d'un particulier en bord de plage de Pozo Negro à Fuerteventura
vue aérienne de la plage de Pozo negro à Fuerteventura
Pozo Negro beach seen from the sky.

The picturesque town of Betancuria

Until 1834, the village of Betancuria was the capital of the island. The Norman Jean de Béthencourt founded this city as is still evident in its historic centre with the Church of St. Mary.
When we arrived, most of the shops were closed and we were able to enjoy the quietness of the place with its small fountain in the shade. 

Betancuria villa historica symbole à l'entrée de la ville à Fuerteventura
clocher d'église à Betancuria Fuerteventura
rue fleurit de Betancuria à Fuerteventura
église à Betancuria Fuerteventura
porte de maison en bois à Betancuria Fuerteventura

The viewpoint of the Mirador of Corrales de Guize

The road back down is impressive, as is the encounter with 2 Giant Guardians of the valley: they are the last kings of Fuerteventura: Ayose and Guise.

The watchtower was built by César Manrique, stop to admire the view, see the flora and fauna like the famous Barbary squirrels. (Do not feed them).

panorama du mirador de Corrales de Guize Fuerteventura
Roi Gardien Mirador de Corrales de Guize Fuerteventura

Squirrel barbaric

Although they are cute, these squirrels are invasive on the island and it only took a couple imported from Morocco in 1965. Now they are part of the island, that's why you shouldn't feed them cookies or anything else. They are omnivorous, able to feed on vegetables from crops, as well as the eggs of native birds, insects or garbage. The latter is a threat to some species native to the Canary Islands. It can be aggressive if it feels endangered.

We made him approach simply by showing him a rock. But don't touch it, a simple bite contains bacteria and viruses.

écureuil de barbarie sauvage à Fuerteventura

Vega de Rio - Las Penitas

An idyllic little palm grove

If you like hiking, we recommend you to go to the village of Vega de Rio, 2km from Betancuria.

Join the Las Penitas Dam to discover a small oasis with palm trees and a path between small rocks.

Las Penitas Vegal El Rio à Fuerteventura

Vers le Sud de l'île de Fuerteventura un apercu du Paradis

Entallada Lighthouse

Let's now head south, starting with an atypical lighthouse at 215 meters high on the Entallada Lighthouse...take a very narrow road, about four miles long. On the sides you can say hello to the beetles but stay focused so as not to fall into the ditch.

Once at the top, a large car park at the foot of the lighthouse allows you to admire its unique reddish stone architecture.

You can get to the lookout via a wooden footbridge overlooking the sea 200 metres above. You think you're the kings of the world despite the strong wind here.

Entallada Lighthouse
Entallada Lighthouse
belvedere fuerteventura du Phare de Punta de la Entallada
Entallada Lighthouse
Wild goat biquette fuerteventura
Wild goats in front of the lighthouse

Morro del Jable Old Fishermen's Village

Going down south, on the left side you will see salt meadows with a lighthouse. Stop for a small scale towards the Morro Jable Lighthouse.  Beyond great sandy beaches and the ocean as far as the eye can see.

Go to the centre of Morro Jable and head towards the beach. The water is beautiful and the small path that borders the church (Parroquia de Nostra Senorita del Carmen) allows you to have a back view. Moreover the walk is bordered by palm trees and flowers. Down below, the rocks are an ideal place for snorkeling and admiring the seabed.

We recommend the Venezuelan restaurant towards the central square : Canaima Bistro - 7 Calle de San Miguel to enjoy the Yucca fries, Enchilada of chicken, hamburger beef, bacon, brie and fries papas arrugadas a treat!

On the way back to the central plaza, Plaza de los Pescadores, in the evening, we attended the 16th Festival of Los Mantequillas with dancers in folk costumes and musicians with their "...".Canary timple", it's a wooden instrument with plucked strings and a pear shape... no, it's not a guitar, it's a timple.

phare de Morro Jable à Fuerteventura
Morro Jable Lighthouse
plage de morro jable à Fuerteventura
Maisons de Morro Jable à Fuerteventura
plage morro jable à Fuerteventura
voiliers sur la mer Morro Jable Fuerteventura

The beach of Cofete

It is one of the most beautiful wild beaches of the island with almost 12km long, nevertheless to discover this wonder you will have to go there by car (but it is not covered by the insurance of the renter because it is a track) It is not recommended to go there with your rental car. It takes about 45 minutes to get there.
You can also go to the Cofete beach by bus via line 111 from Morro Jable the journey costs 2€.

Sotavento and its turquoise blue lagoon

This is OUR favorite part of the island, although we present you our road-trip from north to south, Sotavento was our first place of arrival and immediately captivated us by the beauty of this island. Imagine, a fine sandy beach as far as the eye can see that stretches for no less than 9 km, with a lagoon that appears after the high tides it is a paradise for kite-surfers and windsurfers.

A barrier of sand forms and creates a contrast between the lagoon and the heavenly ocean! To see the Sotavento lagoon, please consult the tide schedules of Sotavento here > Schedule Sotavento Lagoon.

The best viewpoint is to take the small dirt road behind the hotel and then climb up to the dirt car park in the heights. The view is great!

plage lagune avec des palmiers de Sotavento à Fuerteventura
Lagune de Sotavento
lagune de Sotavento avec un kitesurf à Fuerteventura
Lagune de Sotavento
vue en drone de la lagune de Sotavento Fuerteventura
Lagune de Sotavento
kitesurf à la lagune de Sotavento Fuerteventura
Lagune de Sotavento
lagune de Sotavento à Fuerteventura
Lagune de Sotavento
vue en drone Fuerteventura lagune sotavento
Lagune de Sotavento

Hotel Sol beach house at Mélia Fuerteventura - Adults only.

We spent a sumptuous night at the hotel Sol Beach house Mélia ClubA quiet and relaxing place with a view of the lagoon with our Deluxe room in the lower part of the hotel. Breakfast is gargantuan with waffles, eggs, cereals, fresh fruit, croissants.

Culinary specialties of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is an island where the number of fish species is so diverse (more than 700 species) that you could eat a different fish dish every day. 

For festive dishes, parrot fish: the spicy Vieja with citrus fruits cooked in the oven or the tasty goat meat in the chokehold.

As an appetizer, taste the papas arrugadas as on the island of Lanzarote small, round potatoes that are boiled in sea salt without peeling them. They are garnished with two typical sauces, the Mojo Rojo (garlic, chilli pepper vinegar and oil) or Mojo verde (coriander replaces chilli pepper) .

What to bring back from Fuerteventura

The island abounds in small souvenir shops with aloe-vera, cactus and goat's milk soap products that can be found in all the Canary Islands but the concentration of goats is higher on Fuerteventura.

When to go to Fuerteventura

We left for Fuerteventura at the end of September, beginning of October: the sun and the heat were there. One can rarely make a mistake because the climate is ideal all year round. Here is our detail by month of weather forecast in Fuerteventura :

Mois Jours de Pluie Heures de soleil /jour Température Température Mer
3 jours
6 heures
20° C
3 jours
7 heures
20° C
18° C
2 jours
7 heures
22° C
17 °C
2 jours
8 heures
22 °C
17 °C
0 jours
9 heures
24 °C
18 °C
0 jours
10 heures
26 °C
20 °C
0 jours
11 heures
28 °C
20 °C
0 jours
11 heures
29 °C
21 °C
1 jour
8 heures
29 °C
22 °C
2 jours
7 heures
26 °C
22 °C
4 jours
6 heures
22 °C
20 °C
5 jours
6 heures
20 °C
19 °C
photo couple photographe

Founders of Folk-Travel

⛰️ Globetrotters and landscape photographer. We had a passion in common when we met, that of great landscapes.  It was enough for us to travel all over the world in search of the most beautiful photogenic spots. We take time for details, authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.
 We take time for details and authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.

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3 années il y a

Top, je ne m’imaginais pas autant de choses à voir sur cette île.
Merci pour le partage.

2 années il y a

Je pars moi-même prochainement sur l’île et votre blog m’a beaucoup aidé ! Merci, il est génial, et j’espère que vous le continuerez encore longtemps ! ❤️??

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