Lanzarote through our road trip to the Canary Islands

Where did we land? The American West, the Omani Desert? This volcanic island, only 3 hours by plane, has something surprising: the island of Lanzarote.  An island much less touristic than the other Canary Islands. 

Nevertheless when we arrive we are first of all delayed with 1 hour less than an hour, then the grandiose landscapes, the white architecture signed César Manrique, the roads coming out of nowhere planted in the black volcanic rock and the deep blue beaches. We present you our favourite places and our best pictures of Lanzarote's landscape during our road trip of this island during 6 days and its neighbour Fuerteventura.

Our aim is not to introduce you to the known tourist places Folk-Travel has vocation to get off the beaten track.

How to get to Lanzarote?

vue aérienne en avion de Fuerteventura

We took a direct flight to Lanzarote from Bordeaux Airport with Easyjet, which operates 2 flights a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 18/05/2020 to 22/10/2020. To reach Arrecife, our flight took 3 hours.

To leave the car in the car park during our holidays we used the ZenPark application, so we have a dedicated space and we can find our vehicle serenely.

On the spot, we opted for a car rental but there is a bus network that serves the whole island. ArrecifeBus

An island where the human impact is discreet.

The first thing that strikes you is to see many colourful abstract works as soon as you arrive at the airport by the same signed artist. César Manrique It should be known that without him this island would be just a pile of ashes and a field of ruins as some tourists wrongly characterized it.

You will not see large hotel complexes with more than 2 floors on Lanzarote (except in the south of the island).

The white houses contrast with the black volcanic rock, some with pink bougainvilleas make the landscape dreamlike. This makes This island was the first to be classified in its entirety as a "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO in 1994.

Lanzarote is also an island on earth where the climate is at its mildest all year round. Not too hot, not too cold and rain is rare. Across the Sahara, the island can be prone to sandstorms, but they're rare.

What to do or see in Lanzarote?

We present you our road trip from the north to the south of the island: a car rental is essential, the roads are in remarkable conditionReally, it's a joy to drive through this breathtaking scenery.

To rent a car in Lanzarote, we have chosen the local Lanzarote agency Cicar This makes it easy to take the vehicle north and leave it south at another agency.

We thus left the vehicle at playa Blanca before putting on the ferry for the second part of our road trip: the discovery of another island of the canaries: Fuerteventura, find our article soon.

Please Note By renting the vehicle you are not insured on unpaved roads. This is the case of the majority of places to see as Papagoyo (you are warned).
- opt instead for an SUV your comfort will be better, especially on some twisty tracks.

Visit the north of the island: coves and villages of Lanzarote

The Mirador del Rio

This point of view is the highest of the island and allows to admire in front of the magnificent Graciosa Island . From the morning, the island of Graciosa is bathed in sunshine with turquoise blue waters and salt marshes at the foot of the watchtower.

There is no need to go to the paying area (4,50€), you can admire the view for free on the left side. Being the highest point, it is very windy and the fresh wind can get chilly very quickly, especially when there's little cover because the temperature below is mild.

On the way, you can do the Cactus Garden in Guatiza ...but the influx of tourists has made us give it up. Tariff 2019 : 5,80€.

Ile de la Graciosa à Lanzarote au Canaries, vue depuis le mirador del Rio

Translucent Beaches: Caleton Blanco

Don't miss the natural swimming pool beaches starting from Orzola first you will find the Caleton Blanco Beach then the one in Caleta del Mojon Blanco. Our favorite was Caleton Blanco! The white sand makes the water as milky white and transparent, never seen before. Not very deep you can walk far, ideal for children.

We advise you to get there early as the parking lot is quickly taken over as well as the volcanic stone castles to shelter from the wind lying on the sand.

route aride bordée de roches de lave à Lanzarote aux Canaries
plage de sable blanc Caleton blanco à Lanzarote
plage de Caleton Blanco à Lanzarote aux Canaries

The flowered house Casa Carmelina

Located on the east coast above Arrieta, Punta Mujeres has two natural swimming pools but also a small colourful house with its vertical hanging vegetable garden : Casa Carmelina .

This small white house contrasts with its green paint and hanging plants. Held by an elderly lady, be respectful of the place and the locals! Do not touch, admire with respect.

maison carmelina Punta Mujeres à Lanzarote

Natural pools in Punta Mujeres

piscine naturelle dans la roche de punta mujeres à lanzarote

Just upriver from the plant house you have a large natural pool whose water comes in with the tide and is warmed by the sun. 

The village of a thousand palm trees: Haria

Start by walking along the Leon y Castillo Square bordered by palm trees, oleanders and eucalyptus. Then head to the constitution square is a must see for its architecture, the bougainvilleas where you will find the 19th century town hall in neo-classical style. Good Map: go up to the covered market: Mercado Municipal de Abastos.
La mairie de Haria à Lanzarote aux Canaries
Haria avec route bordée de palmiers à Lanzarote

There you can buy fish, meat by the kilo and bring your dish to the small restaurant which will cook it with your chosen accompaniments. But beware there are few places so you will have to think about booking before your visit.

Visit to be made in Haria : The house of Caesar Manrique in Haria (entrance ticket 10€ ) It was necessary to pay homage to this great man by discovering his environment. This is what this visit promises, to immerse yourself in the artist's home. We regretted that the visit was so short with so few pieces to see.

Now let's go downstairs and take the LZ10 roadAnd it was a thrill to see her sharp turns and the crossing with the buses! But it is to be done because the view is grandiose on the valley.

The restaurant Mirador de los Valles after a big bend is our favorite in this region. The interior decoration and the quality of the food is worth a stop!

la piscine des années 1970 de la maison de César Manrique à Haria Lanzarote
la terrasse de la maison de César Manrique à Haria Lanzarote

The village of Teguise towards Famara the lively surfers' beach.

Let's go now to the village of Teguise: the plaza de san Miguel is the heart of this small village with its church built in 1428 with its bell tower made of red volcanic stone.
The village was deserted when we came and many places to visit were closed. The best way to discover Teguise is to walk through its narrow streets.
You will find pretty villages all along the road to Lanzarote but Teguise is without one of the most amazing of them all.

statue de lion et son église avec son clocher dans le village de Teguise à Lanzarote
Village de Teguise à Lanzarote aux iles canaries
magasin à Teguise Lanzarote

Let's not linger before we hit the road to Famara. Namely, no need to head towards the "urban" side of Famara on the right is only bungalow and villa to accommodate kite-surfers.
Set a course towards Caleta de Famara LZ-402. The road comes out of nowhere, it's like the United States.

Upon the arrival of Famara you will see the road buried under the sand with the dunes bordering it, the vehicles with the surfboards, the wetsuits around, the tone is set: "California Vibes" we are there. A lot of wind on this side of the west coast of the island comes to hit us in the face, ideal for kitesurfing.

This small white village is a bit western, sand everywhere, small bushes roll, small terraced bars/café on the land side where surfers rest. On the other side, a small promenade runs along the waterfront to the fishing port.

The large beach of Famara is almost 3 km long and offers the most paradisiacal spot for water sports. Simple swimmer the current is too dangerous to swim there.

plage de Famara avec des maisons blanches et montagne de volcans de Lanzarote aux canaries
rue de sable du village de Famara à Lanzarote
Good unusual plan for scuba diving enthusiasts discover the underwater museum Museo Atlantico . Accessible by scuba diving or snorkeling you will discover no less than 400 sculptures by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor.  Count 51€ with the entrance included. To book a dive > Dive College Lanzarote Find out more about the museum in video >

On the way to the south of the island between authenticity and creeks

The centre of the island: San Bartolome and the Casa Museo del Campesino

Let's leave the north of the island to join the second half of the island. But first stop at San Bartolomé to go to the ecomuseum a reproduced traditional farm: Casa Museo del Campesino. Right from the start, a surrealist work from 1960 by César Manrique is erected as a tribute to the work of the peasants who transformed this island.

Before entering the heart of this farmhouse, outside, one is dazzled by the whitewashed walls and floors and the green painted woodwork. Inside, there is a charge of 3€ to enter during opening hours from 10am to discover the crafts of the time: pottery, weaving, lace...

musée campesino à Lanzarote Espagne
Al Campesino Lanzarote musée au paysan avec des maisons traditionnelles blanche et verte palmier
monument du paysan créé par César Manrique à Casa Museo del Campesino à Lanzarote

The wine route -> LZ-30 : wine region la Geria

route des vignes sur un volcan noir la geria à lanzarote
parcelle de vignes dans la roche de lave noir à la Geria à Lanzarote

Still heading south, you will cross between the volcanic parks, the black volcanic soil shaped by men in funnels piled up where vines have escaped, allowing an efficient development and protected from the wind.

To taste or buy a bottle, visit the most visited winery in Europe, the Geria.
From there you can see the vine growing in circles of volcanic rock. The vineyard of Géria is mainly composed of Malvasia (Malvasia) and a little Muscat (Moscatel). These delicious full-bodied wines have won numerous international awards.

volcan coloré montanacolorada à Lanzarote
Colourful volcanic mountain on the road

Opposite on the coast: the seaside resort of Puerto Del Carmen

Just a few minutes from the center of the island, you can go to Puerto del Carmen and will be struck by so many English tourists! A real English seaside resort with restaurants of all cuisines. But we advise you to take a break at the beach of Playa Chica south of Puerto del Carmen ideal for snorkeling with a visible bottom thanks to the crystalline water.
plage de puerto del carmen à lanzarote
éolienne à pompe style western en bord de plage à puerto del carmen lanzarote
maison avec cactus à Puerto Del Carmen à lanzarote

Timanfaya Park and the road that crosses the volcanic rock LZ-67

The road to Timanfaya Park comes out of nowhere! It's worth the detour on its own. Enclosed in the volcanic rock it feels like being on another planet. Although many guides recommend the paid visit to the Park, we did not make this visit because Folk-Travel is off the beaten track.

Once parked, it is necessary to know that the visit continues either by camel (the animals carry every day hundreds of kilos, for us it was out of question to make them undergo that), or by bus of which one cannot go down to make photographs and with dirty windows... we pass our way without regret.

dromadaire porteurs pour touristes timanfaya lanzarote

The village El Golfo and the green lake Charco de los Clicos

le lac vert de Charco de los Clicos à El Golfo à Lanzarote Canaries Espagne

Lovers of colour you will see a bewildering array of colours here. Once parked, walk along the marked path on the left to see behind the cliff this small green lake "lago verde" due to a micro-algae which has adapted to the extreme salinity of the water.
Red rocks, black stone, this small green lake and the blue sea bordering it is a picture of nature.

Tip it is better to take a picture between 1pm and 5pm so that this small lake is not in the shade.
Did you know that the name los Clicos comes from the edible shell that has since disappeared when an unfortunate man dropped two turtles into this lake...

Then walk around in the small village El Golfo with its unusual little houses by the sea. You can stop for lunch at the restaurant : Casa Rafa, Restaurante del Mar the fish is fresh and the prices are very contained, we feast at the seaside.

plage avec des petites barques de pécheurs à El Golfo à Lanzarote
plat de poisson sabre au restaurant Casa Rafa à El Golfo à Lanzarote
Fish Dish with Arrugadas Papas
petite maison du village de El golfo à Lanzarote aux Canaries
petite maison en bord de mer du village de El golfo à Lanzarote aux Canaries
le village de pécheurs de El Golfo à Lanzarote canaries

Los Hervideros and the Janubio Saltworks

Not far away you will find these chasms on the seashore where the waves crash against each other and generate a noise like the belly of a growling monster: Los Hervideros . With the dark volcanic rocks and the white foam of the waves the contrast of colours is striking. You have a large parking lot and then you walk along to see other chasms but beware of the influx of tourists you quickly feel suffocated as in these chasms.

Before leaving for the south and Playa Blanca, make a stop at the Mirador Saltworks where you'll see those salt flats you see from the road. We suggest you stop by to admire the golden luminosity at sunset. The salt is extracted by the evaporation method because this part is well exposed to the winds.

les salines de Janubio à Lanzarote

To the seaside resort of Playa Blanca

Piscine naturelle playa blanca à lanzarote

We arrive in the south of the island in Playa Blanca this seaside resort has all the equipment for those who want to stay there for a week without moving, but we like to move so we will only stop there for one night, you have beautiful beaches all along where it is nice to swim. 

We recommend that you go to lunch at restaurant Gusto a small hippy chic italian restaurant excellent . A little further along the seafront you can swim in warm natural pools . A wild and intimate moment .

plat de pates aux thons au restaurant Gusto à Lanzarote
plat de pates au restaurant Gusto à Lanzarote
gâteau au chocolat au restaurant Gusto à Lanzarote
tarte aux pommes du restaurant Gusto à Lanzarote
logo restaurant gusto playa blanca Lanzarote

A beauty of nature Papagayo

Let's go to the Papagayo beach a few kilometers from the Playa Blanca resort. You will have to pay a right of way of 3 euros per vehicle. But you have to have a strong stomach because despite a suv it is not less than 6 kilometers before arriving at the beach on a rocky sandy track that shakes.

Please note that normally with a rental car you are not insured for driving on unpaved roads.

With the same entrance ticket you can access several beaches such as Playa de las mujeres, caleton de cobre, Playa del pozo and Playa de Papagayo.

Papagayo beach is of crystal clear water and incredible blue.

Our road trip to Lanzarote ends here in order to take the ferry to the island opposite Fuerteventura. Follow our road trip to Fuerteventura here .

plage de Papagayo avec volcan en arrière plan à Lanzarote aux Canaries Espagne
la plage de papagayo à Lanzarote aux canaries
chemin qui descend à la plage de Papagayo à Lanzarote

What to bring back as a gift from Lanzarote

To please those around you, or yourself, opt for natural and eco-friendly gifts such as aloe-vera products or La Geria wine. We are very fond of this artisanal soap with the scent of aloe vera and wine that still perfumes our bathroom. You can also order some on their shop.

savon à l'aloe vera et vigne de lanzarote

Where to sleep in Lanzarote?

We advise you to stay in Tias. An ideal location to move around the island. We have chosen this superb rural hotel with less than 5 rooms, run by a lovely couple Antonio and MariCruz : Los Lirios Hotel Rural Le jardin intérieur est sublime c’est un vrai lieu de détente. Le petit déjeuner est divin servi à la demande fromages typiques etc.. On vous le recommande fortement ! Nous avons hésité avec cette chambre d’hôtes Buenavista Lanzarote Country with a lot of charm, too, but it wasn't the same budget.

When to go to Lanzarote?

We left for Lanzarote at the end of September: the sun and the heat were there. You can rarely make a mistake because the climate is ideal all year round. Here are our details for each month of the weather in Lanzarote .

Gastronomy in Lanzarote

The main speciality of the island of Lanzarote is a typical Canary Island dish: the papas arrugadas : from local potatoes cooked in very salty water we eat the skin with which is very thin because attacked by salt.

They are usually accompanied by salsa : mojos from the Portuguese molho which means sauce.
The mojo verde (green sauce) is a sauce based on coriander, green peppers but if you are recklessly tempted the mojo rojo (red sauce) contains strong pimiento.

But who is saying island, also says a gastronomy turned towards the sea with several fish dishes and divine goat cheeses to accompany with a good glass of white wine from Liberia with the character of the island.

logo rouge de Lanzarote à l'aéroport
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Village de Teguise à Lanzarote aux iles canaries Pinterest
Lanzarote le musée al campesino épingle Pinterest
Que voir et que faire à Lanzarote Pinterest
photo couple photographe

Founders of Folk-Travel

⛰️ Globetrotters and landscape photographer. We had a passion in common when we met, that of great landscapes.  It was enough for us to travel all over the world in search of the most beautiful photogenic spots. We take time for details, authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.
 We take time for details and authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.

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