Obidos: a village not to be missed

Our last day of road trip ends here in Obidos, after our day yesterday from Ericeira to Peniche, we had to finish in beauty. Without regrets we explored this magnificent medieval village of Obidos. In half a day you can see the main attractions of this fortified city which was given as a wedding present by King Dinis to Queen Isabel.
It can be reached by a steep road. Before reaching the heights, the impression of another world already overwhelms us.

The little houses are whitewashed we fell in love with this place. The only downside is that this place is a magnificent omen for a horde of tourists. You'll have to arrive early in the morning to find space on the large parking lot. Let's go to discover the best of the village and our good addresses to visit Obidos.

rue d'Obidos au Portugal avec maison jaune et bleu et l'église
village d'Obidos au Portugal avec des maisons colorées et petite ruelle

How to get to Obidos

To get to Óbidos it's quite easy if you take the bus from Lisbon for a getaway it will only take you an hour with the Rapida Verde company for 8€ one way from the Campo Grande bus station north of Lisbon. But if you leave from Cais do Sodre there it will take more than an hour and 45 minutes.

Nevertheless the comfort in these buses is of setting with air-conditioning, wifi, comfortable seats, you can see the schedule for Obidos here  Ideal for digital nomads or to rest before discovering this medieval city of Portugal.

Alternatively, renting a car in Portugal will allow you to reach Obidos in only 1 hour from the south of Lisbon. All the more so as once there, you have a large parking lot on the ground but depending on the time of day it can be filled very quickly. The advantage is that it is very close to the medieval city gate.

Obidos' Must-See

This city alone is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.  The old town is surrounded by ramparts with watchtowers at each end. 
There is an air of Greece with the houses painted white and the yellow, orange or blue coloured lines and windows.  The city is almost pedestrian only the residents drive around, the roads are paved, be careful not to fall as the ground is often not flat. We were amazed by the atmosphere that reigns there.

village d'Obidos au Portugal avec des maisons colorées et escalier bleu jaune rue pavés
maison fleurit avec bougainvilliers à Obidos au Portugal

1. The City Gate

We arrive by the main entrance of Óbidos the city gate. Inside, a high chapel with blue tiles catches our eye. The vault is tiled with flowers coloured with vine drawings. It thus opens onto the narrow streets of the old town.

2. The ramparts of the castle

The walls of Óbidos are part of the very DNA of this village.  They protect it all around giving the impression of being in a place out of time. Often some parts of the walls are being renovated but towards the back you can even walk along these walls from the big stairs to the lookout area where you can admire the panoramic view of the valley before behind you the castle and the old town.

village d'Obidos-maisons-ramparts Portugal maisons bleu et jaunes
Obidos un village de petites ruelles aux maisons médiéval au Portugal avec des lanternes

3. The medieval castle

The town of Óbidos began to receive inhabitants when the construction of the castle began in the Xᵉ century on the upper part of the hill. Several royalties succeeded each other there during this century until it was handed over to the Queen of Portugal in XIᵉ century.

At the back a huge gate stands out, which you pass through to reach the old town. Now the castle has become a hotel, which cannot be visited except as a guest for one night. Several rooms are available and you will feel like privileged to discover this place you will find the 
best night at Obidos Castle here..

4. Taste the local drink: Ginjinha

Served as an aperitif, Obidos' Ginjinha differs from the others in that it has a more full-bodied and creamy taste. It is a cherry-based liqueur. Often you will find it on sale in storefronts served in a chocolate dome. Try it and you will be surprised and will surely leave with a bottle.


Ginjinha une boisson de liqueur de cerises au Portugal une spécialité local avec de l'alcool
Obidos ruelle de commerces au Portugal avec des touristes

5. See the aqueduct

The Óbidos aqueduct owes its origin to one of the queens who directed it in the 16th century to help make the surrounding land fertile for the development of vineyards and orchards. It was he who made the water flow in the village fountains that you can see. It stretches over 3 kilometres and is now the boundary of the large car park and one of the few still intact.

6. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the Santa Maria square.

We liked walking on the big square  Praça de Santa Maria and stop here in the sunshine. We like to stroll through the streets and alleys, and the opportunity is great to take advantage of it why not in a horse-drawn carriage.

Óbidos has several churches, each one is unique with traditional decorations. The most important church is the one in this square: the church of Santa Maria.

Calèche de chevaux à Obidos au Portugal promenade pour touristes

Where to Sleep in Obidos

If you are looking for cheaper accommodation than the castle mentioned above then La Casa de S. Thiago do Castelo will satisfy you with its authenticity. When you walk down the alley you will see this pretty house with white borders at the corner with its front decorated with bougainvillea flowers.
The building dates back to the XXᵉ century and the current owners decided to furnish it with the furniture of the time, which gives it all its charm: To see in detail the accommodation at the Casa de S. Thiago do Castelo click here

Casa-Thiago-do -Castelo-obidos Portugal chambre d'hôtes

Review of our Road-Trip in Portugal

It is on this last town that our road trip ends, Obidos was our favorite. We did not expect to discover such a pleasant medieval town. We liked to take the alleys where there were less crowds and discover the souvenir shops.
We enjoyed our road-trip in Portugal which alternated between heterogeneous cities such as the East and the West. Lisbon and the Atlantic coast with breathtaking scenery like the coast with its fishing villages in Azenhassurfing where the waves are the most beautiful in Europe at Ericeira and Peniche.

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 We take time for details and authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.

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