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Vaccination began several months ago and the Member States immediately began to discuss the introduction of a health passport. This would first of all allow citizens to travel within Europe.

The European Commission has presented a "digital green certificate"The European Commission has been working to make travelling in Europe easier since 17 March.

Will the green certificate vaccine passport be free?

The European Parliament wants to introduce by the end of June the vaccine passport which will include: proof of vaccinations, negative PCR tests and other data. It will be free of charge for the time being!

Do all European countries agree to this vaccination certificate?

Although united, the member states each have their own jurisdictions, which will pose ethical problems, particularly in terms of data protection between European citizens, thus dividing the 27 EU countries.

What is the purpose of the digital green certificate?

The aim is to facilitate travel to each European country: there will no longer be any need to present negative PCR tests as they will be automatically grouped on the certificate, as will the 14-week periods.

Which countries are favourable to the introduction of the green certificate?

First of all, let us mention the countries that live mainly on tourism and for which free movement is vital: Spain (like the Canary Islands), Greece, Italy, Malta and Portugal. These are the first countries to support a health passport that would influence proof of recovery from Covid-19.

Countries that oppose the green certificate or slow down its deployment:

This is the case of France, Germany and the Netherlands, which were against the introduction of such a passport. However, in recent weeks they have been studying applications for the green certificate, particularly since vaccination has become more accessible.

Others alternatives to the digital health pass :

Major players in the tourism industry are not waiting for an EU agreement to allow better tracking of travellers. This is the case, for example, of IATA (the association of air carriers), which has launched the Travel pass application.
The Travel Pass centralises health information to support the recovery of the airline industry.
At the time of writing, two countries accept it: Singapore and Panama.

Airlines are each launching their own applications or systems to simplify collection and speed up boarding.

It is understandable that there should be a single standardised digital vaccination certificate from the EU to facilitate and streamline controls between each country.
It is this tool that will allow free movement in the European Union, especially as the vaccination strategy is growing.

Validity of the Digital Certificate and mandatory?

Each European country has its own standards of appreciation, first of all in terms of the recognition of the effectiveness of each vaccine. It is likely that, depending on the country you wish to enter, some will accept certificates older than 6 months, while others will ask for a renewal.

A quarantine may even be required depending on the country even if you are in possession of a digital certificate.

Will the health passport be mandatory?

The first responses from the various governments would not make it compulsory. But this pass will facilitate the fluidity of travel and, for practicality, it is likely to become indispensable.
With the QR Code, each pass will have its own digital signature.

Can we travel anywhere again with the health passport?

For the moment, the health passport would only allow travel within the European Union. For the United States, they are leaving it up to companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce to implement a digital vaccine passport solution.

Both airlines and travellers have many months to go before a comprehensive and practical solution is available worldwide.

How to get the digital health passport ?

With the possibility for the French to move beyond the 10km and that from May 03, 2021, the new update All AntiCovid contains a novelty.

Certificat numérique pass sanitaire pour la France
Pass sanitaire anti covid France

Indeed, you will see that from now on you can store your PCR or vaccination tests by scanning the QR codes of the laboratories or the sms links.
For example, if you want to go to Greece, if you are not vaccinated, you just need to present the PCR test of -72 hours on the application or if you have been vaccinated, the vaccination certificate in English will be enough.

What do you think of the digital health passport? Will you use it? Let's talk in comments.

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