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We are leaving the Cascais villageto go 25km away to a place in Sintra where we had a great time. We are great lovers of landscapes that's why we absolutely had to tell you about these breathtaking places: Cabo da Roca & Azenhas de Mar.

Cabo da Roca: Europe's westernmost wild cape

Lovers of panoramic views, you'll take full advantage of the view in Cabo da Roca. This place is in a raw state, the wind crumbles the cliffs, the burning sun makes the land arid at 150 meters above sea level. Cabo da Roca was considered in the 14th century as the end of the world! It is the westernmost point of Europe.

The road to get there is narrow and winding with the buses coming in front of you. It's even more fun in Twizy you can rent one for about 50 euros.

Let's keep our emotions up because we'll have more once we get to the big parking lot. Only a small souvenir shop, a lighthouse and ... many tourists are trying to get THE picture of this perfect place on the cliffside.
From here we headed north along the footpath to Praia da Ursa after trying to take the paths to the south to get to the beach of Louriçal where the danger of the cliff made us change our minds.

On the dirt paths, protect yourself from the sun, with the wind you don't feel the sun burn your skin. You will see that the flora has adapted to the dry and windy climate like the flowers of witches' claws, a plant that adapts to this very salty land.

We arrive at the top with a magnificent view of this rock of Praia da Ursa, the view is sumptuous even if the wind is very present. You can go down to the beach but it won't be easy (about 1 hour). Down below the sand is fine, the deep blue water makes us admire it.

Phare Cabo da Roca au Portugal
Vue sur Cabo da Roca au Portugal
Cabo da Roca océan et fleurs au Portugal
Praia da Ursa au Portugal

How to get to Cabo da Roca

The easiest way to get there is by car: Cabo da Roca is less than 20 km from Sintra and 40 km from Lisbon. The road is in very good condition but remains winding and narrow.
By bus: you can also get there by bus from Sintra or Cascais with line 403 for only 2€. It takes 40 minutes to get there with the company Scotturb from Sintra and 25 minutes from Cascais the bus station is located under the shopping centre of Cascais Villa.
We leave Cabo da Roca for another place not to be missed on our road trip in Portugal.

Azenhas do Mar: Portugal's best-kept secret village

This is our favorite of the municipality of Sintra: Azenhas do Mar. This charming little village is perched on top of the cliffs right on the ocean side as if suspended. At the time of our arrival the car parks along the road were being renovated, but by the morning you will still find space in the village. Its colourful houses painted in yellows and blues are soothing.
Before arriving at the village upstream, take a photo from the heights to see this village with its natural swimming pool. In the village, look for Villa Maria, a beautiful village with blue and azulejo panels. You can go down to the beach at the restaurant that borders the cliff by the small steps and enjoy the natural swimming pool of Azenhas warmed by the sun.
Azenhas do Mar au Portugal un village de bord de mer sur la cote atlantique en dessous d'Ericeira
Azenhas do Mar
Azenhas au Portugal vu en drone
Azenhas as seen from a drone

Where to eat in Sintra

This is our favorite place to eat in Sintra before or after your visit to Cabo da Roca.  Eating in a dining caravan Unusual, isn't it?  Yet this is the challenge that the sisters restorers of the Roulote da Gigi.
Located on the road in a loop heavily frequented by cyclists, you will be able to enjoy excellent pizzas and salads for incomparable value for money!

We had a great time for cheap. But the place is starting to be known, you'll have to be patient at times but you won't regret it!

Restaurant Roulote da gigi à Colares au Portugal

Where to sleep in Sintra - Azenhas do mar?

We were looking for a quiet place during our stay and did not regret our choice of accommodation in Sintra with theArribas Sintra hotel see here.

It sits on the ocean shore where the waves come to flirt with the Olympic swimming pool, you sleep well and the welcome is there for this 3-star hotel. The night for two people is between 65 and 80€.

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⛰️ Globetrotters and landscape photographer. We had a passion in common when we met, that of great landscapes.  It was enough for us to travel all over the world in search of the most beautiful photogenic spots. We take time for details, authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.
 We take time for details and authenticity while remaining natural. Back from our road-trips we reveal our best places.

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Chloé Loizeau
Chloé Loizeau
1 année il y a

Superbe article, merci ! Est ce que le sentier de Cabo da Roca à Praia Ursa est bien indiqué ? En combien de temps se fait il selon vous ? Belle journée, Chloé.

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